Abundant Soul, Online Summer Mastermind

This Summer, let's commit to getting grounded, clear, and truly ready to create the business of your dreams. 

There's a reason you're here

Are you feeling called to bring more of your soul into your business?

Are you ready to break through the resistance and the blocks to fulfill your purpose?

Are you ready to finally leave scarcity behind and receive the abundance that is waiting for you?

Are you excited about making decisions and taking action from your deepest intuition and truth?

Welcome to the Abundant Soul Mastermind.

I'm ready.

The Abundant Soul Online Summer Mastermind is an exclusive experience for 12 women entrepreneurs ready to dive into their business with soul.

We'll gather for an 8-week program that combines the soul work and strategic planning necessary for a growing business that is true to your vision.

Why we (really) get stuck with growing our businesses

For many of us, the idea of a hugely successful, thriving version of ourselves is frankly - terrifying. The judgey voice in our head would like a word with us, frequently. Below are some the shadow chatter our inner critic tells us:

"Everybody is running amazing businesses except for me." 

"No one wants to hear what I have to say." 

"I’m not really a "‘business’ person."

"I hate having to talk about money with my clients."

It keeps us playing small. It keeps us away from opportunities, from our own truth, from a more joy-filled business, and from money. 

How it works

From July 10th - September 4th, 2019, we'll experience an 8-week, transformational mastermind to dive into your purpose, your courage and your gifts. And we'll do it together.

Audio lessons & exercises

Receive weekly audios and exercises to complete on your own time throughout the week

Zoom calls

Participate in weekly 90-minute group coaching calls to integrate the lesson of the week (Recordings of the calls will be shared weekly)

1-1 Call with Gaby

Hop on a 1-1 coaching call with Gaby to strategize and move through any blocks


Be part of a private online community space to connect with each other and with Gaby anytime throughout the 8 weeks. 

How we'll play this Summer

Pre-Work: Making Friends with Your Shadow
Week 1: Principles of Abundance
Week 2: Guide to Manifesting
Week 3: Setting Intentions
Week 4: Integration & Coaching
Week 5: Defining Your Brand
Week 6: Telling Your Story
Week 7: Getting It All Done
Week 8: Integration & Group Coaching
I'm in.

This Mastermind is designed to flow with you this Summer. It's designed so you can be in the work even through travels and changing schedules. My vision is that by September each woman in this program feels whole, abundant, and ready to step into her power.

Why this is for you

If you're launching your business and overwhelmed

If you're tired of playing small

If you're called to use your gifts and stop hiding

If you know you're meant for bigger things 

If you want to make more confident business decisions

If you're ready to stop being afraid of what you can accomplish

Let's do this.

I'm ready to step into my Abundant Soul.

Choose from these options...

(4) Monthly Payments


for four months

Let's do this

Pay in full


Let's do this

"“I committed to the Summer Mastermind experience with Gaby to purposefully carve out time for accountability and to speak freely with other entrepreneurs about goals. Gaby’s guidance was excellent and critical to all of our success. I really enjoyed the online the aspect because I could call in from anywhere. The flexibility during the summer months was very attractive to me. The once a week calls kept me on track and by the end of the course I had a clear plan plus the confidence to build my dream business. An added bonus was the camaraderie we built together and the strong authentic connections. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience!”"

Lauren Dawson
Fine Artist & Art Teacher

"When I joined the mastermind I was in between two cities and was in real need of finding a tribe that would support me even while I was remote. The abundant soul mastermind online program was exactly what I was looking for. Gaby is masterful in curating the right people, and exactly what we need to hear and experience. I find myself still reviewing my binder and re-doing some of the wonderful exercises she facilitated. I am thankful for the sisters who supported me in the process, and Gaby who created this incredible program. "

Yanyn San Luis
Sales Coach

""Gaby's Summer Mastermind was a creative playground. She fostered a space where I could feel free to explore my thought patterns, dive into my feelings around entrepreneurship, and make friends along the way. Her program gave me the courage to imagine a new reality, one that encouraged productive and inspiring actions so I could get closer to reaching my dreams. And did I mention she's a total darling?""

Adriana Jaramillo

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll spend 3-5 hours a week in this program. 

The program is designed so that you can easily complete it no matter where you are. 

Every live video call will be recorded and you can watch on your own time. If you know you won't be able to attend a call, you can send me your questions in advance and we'll address them on the call. 

The calls will have personalized attention for you. The audios and worksheets are meant to help you grasp the content, and the calls are meant to move you forward with your action-items, strategize and clarify anything you need. 

All calls will be recorded and shared with the group every week. 

You will have access to these audios, worksheets, and Zoom call recordings for the REST of your LIFE, baby! 

You will have access to Gaby via the private Facebook group to share questions there anytime to be answered within 24 hours. 

There are no refunds available for this mastermind. Should an emergency arise, reach out to me and we can discuss alternatives.  

The cart for the Abundant Soul Mastermind closes in









When you are coming from your truth, connecting to your work, and sharing your story, you flow into your abundance - for good.  

Wanna hop on the phone with me?

Interested, but you wanna know a bit more? I have a few slots for calls in the next few weeks. Save yours here.


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